February 16, 2010

Eight Greens Phyto Masque by Eminence Organics

Good day darlings!

I wanted to take the time today to give a blogger high-five to a really great product that has always been a bit of a favourite for me.

During the winter season my skin tends to have a mind of its own. This is usually the season when I'm apt to get congested because my skin is a lot drier. I know most people associate congestion/breakouts with a more oil-rich skin type (which can absolutely happen), but it is often overlooked that dry skin can breakout due to lack of refinement/exfoliation.

A few years ago I stumbled across this treatment masque at the Esthetique SPA International in Toronto and decided to give it a try. The formulation comes in regular or hot. I know it sounds odd, but the "hot" version has a little kick as far as strength. I don't have sensitive skin, so I decided to try this bolder formula.

Before I tell you the results of my masque adventure, I'm going to break down the facts of this product straight from Eminence Organics.

Description: Stimulating & Revitalizing with Natural Phytoestrogens

Skin Type: Dehydrated, fatigued, mature, menopausal, oily, blemished or acne skin types

Key Ingredients:
• Yucca Extract: antioxidant that supplies phytoestrogens
• Flaxseed/Linseed Extract: Omega 3 and antioxidant
• Thermal Water: supplies minerals to skin, softens and nourishes
• Hop Extract: calming antioxidant
• Paprika: assists in increasing stimulation and oxygenation of the skin
• Vitex Agnus Castus: nourishing and anti-aging antioxidant
• Honey: moisturizes and revitalizes the skin
• Chlorophyll: supplies bioflavonoids, rejuvenates the skin surface
• Biocomplex™: functions as an antioxidant booster of Vitamin A, Vitamin C Ester, Vitamin E, Coenzyme Q10, Alpha Lipoic Acid

On with the fun! The first time I used this, I was planning on meeting a friend of mine for a coffee later that Sunday afternoon. I had a bit of time to kill, so I figured I would give my skin a bit of a treat. This is where I want to forewarn you all to use this masque at night or when you know you don't have to show your face for a few hours. *giggles* Don't worry - the results were SO worth it!
After applying the masque and leaving it on for about 7 minutes, my skin was feeling tingly (in a good, not painful) way. I could really tell this was stimulating the circulation. I removed the product with cool compresses and then looked in the mirror. My skin looked absolutely sunburned. It didn't FEEL hot, nor was the skin broken. It was just hella red. *lol* I will admit, I had a mini panic attack, but after about an hour my skin went back to its normal hue and it looked absolutely radiant.

Using this once a month in the EVENING was a godsend in the colder Canadian months. I definitely noticed an improvement in the colour of my skin. It never looks lackluster or asphyxiated. My congestion was cured. Granted, I never had acne, but my sporadic mild breakouts were few and far between.

So if you were thinking of giving this a go, I definitely give it a thumbs up. I would recommend that if you have sensitive skin to stay away. It will be way too stimulating for you.