February 14, 2010


Happy Valentines Day, darlings!

Today was a bit of a prep day for yours truly. I made my way down to the MAC Pro Store on Queen Street in Toronto to pick up some things that I need to pull off some makeup looks I have planned for a couple of upcoming creative shoots and projects.

I know that a lot of you makeup lovers may not be able to get your hands on some of the MAC Pro products that are out there so I figured it would be nice to see what other makeup tools are available to you. Here's the breakdown:

Pic 1: PRO Pigments in Rock-It Yellow & Black Black - Both are a matte finish. Rock-It Yellow is a neon yellow and obviously the Black Black is pretty self explanatory.

Pic 2: Lipmix in White, Red and Blue - Didn't mean for it to be so American! *lol* These are used to mix and match to create custom lip colours. Love these! I also blend these with some of the OCC Lip Tars I have in my kit. A must for any makeup artist.

Pic 3: Blush Ombre in Vintage Grape & Mixing Medium/Water Base - The first product is the only non-PRO item I purchased. That was more a treat for myself. Love this colour! The blush is from the Spring Colour 3 Forecast collection and a limited edition product so go grab it while you can. The second product is not very exciting but I needed it. Basically it is clear Face & Body Foundation. I am planning on adding a pigment to it to custom make a foundation. Again, not very exciting but I love this.

So there you have it. My haul. Exciting to some and to others not so much. I love getting new makeup, even when it's for my freelance kit. Makes me want to play around with it.

'Til next time, darlings! xo

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The den Boers said...

Wait wait wait! Matte pigments! That yellow! Are you kidding? Love it! I still have some small pots with some oooold retired mattes I've been saving along with some of my favorite... platinum metallic.
My train case needs to be fed with some new and exciting things I think.