October 12, 2010

review: l'oreal studio secrets - magic perfecting base

I am a sucker for primers. It's slowly becoming a new addiction and I'm not sure why. I have small pores, any lines I have are thankfully nothing bothersome and I don't have any serious texture that would require any major correction.

So what is my deal?!

In any case, the Magic Perfecting Base is my most recent primer addition. Because I don't have skin that would vouch for a decent comparison, I decided to pop it in my professional kit and put it to the test. And the story begins...

I recently booked a wedding gig for one of my brow clients and I got to doll up the bride and her girls. I used the Magic Perfecting Base on all of the ladies and was impressed at the results it gave for a drug store product. One girl in particular comes to mind. She had quite large pores in the inner cheeks and on the nose. The slightest amount of this primer seemed to erase it all and it didn't flake when I went to apply her foundation over top. A little of this product goes a long way, friends. I will give you this tip though: let it set for a minute before applying a foundation.

From reading the ingredients as well as feeling the primer, this is a silicone based product. It leaves a matte finish and is surprisingly lightweight considering how thick it initially feels. I like the packaging. It's in a glass jar which allows you to use the product in its entirety, but buyer beware to use a spatula to avoid any cross contamination.

I bought this on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart for $15.99 CDN. The price point is lower than other higher end primers on the market and in some cases exceeds the performance of the ones with the higher price tag. I would definitely recommend giving it a try if you suffer from large pores, minor scarring or fine lines.

Would love to hear your opinions....

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