September 8, 2010

return of the perm

Flipping through this seasons fashion magazines, I have noticed a return of gorgeous textured hair. Gone are poker straight tresses and a head full of curls and waves have become the hottest accessory. I know that not everyone is blessed with naturally beautiful waves, nor do we want to fuss with curling irons or hot rollers when we're pressed for time.

I have, first hand, discovered a sort of retro solution for getting hot, voluminous hair to update your look. That, my friends, is the perm. Yes, you heard me correctly. A perm. Guaranteed you all have images of 80's pop stars and grandmothers with their tight little short curls. I am not talking about that kind of perm. Things have changed a lot with that hair service, and now you can really customize what your hair looks like in the end. I gave it a shot and now I'm hooked.

Modern day perms are not as damaging as they used to be. Granted, you still have to suffer through the smell of perm solution, but you know what they say...pain is beauty. New techniques in how the hair is rodded is pretty creative as well. For example, my perm was 'rodded' with elastic bands. This allows the waves to fall as naturally curly/wavy hair would. A traditional rodding method of placing the rods in rows, may give a beautiful result, but I really thought the elastic band method left people pretty shocked and impressed at how much my hair looked naturally textured.

My permed hair, 2 months in

If you haven't thought about trying a perm, I would reconsider. Talk to your stylist to see what type of perm would suit your hair type and style. Do note that if you colour your hair, get your texture service first and then wait 1-2 weeks for a colour.

Sexy hair is never a bad choice. Let the perm be your dirty little secret to getting it.


Phyrra said...

I LOVE the curls and color on you. As I've not had a perm in almost 15 years, does it grow out, or do you need to get it straightened after you're tired of it?

whiplashes said...

It grows out because it's a permanent wave/curl. I can easily flat iron it when I want to sport a sleek style though.

It's the best of both worlds.

Anonymous said...

what type of perm did you get,
i have an appontment for mine, and yours looks amazing

Anonymous said...

i would also like to know the type of perm you got and what is this rubber band method of 'rodding'? how should i explain it to my stylist?