September 11, 2010

review: moor spa facial polish

As a makeup and skincare specialist, I'm always keen to trying new products. One of my clients is one of the owners of L'Moor which is a distributor of Moor Spa products. She let me try out one of their exfoliants, assuring me that I would really enjoy it.

I'm very apprehensive of traditional facial scrubs because they tend to be quite irritating to the skin. This is due to granular bits consisting of shells, pits and seeds that can cause micro-tears in our delicate skin. The point of difference with Moor Spa Facial Polish is that the “scrub” is actually jojoba beads that loosen and soften hardened sebum to help remove dead skin cells. These beads are soft and round as to not irritate even the most sensitive skin. That, and its aloe vera gel base, provide an ideal lightweight and anti-inflammatory blend for all skin types.

Another amazing tidbit not only about this particular product but ALL Moor Spa products, is that they contain only 100% Natural Source ingredients, with NO synthetic preservatives, NO petroleum derivatives, NO artificial fragrances, and NO artificial colours.

I would highly recommend this exfoliant, and if you are interested in trying this or any other Moor Spa products, visit the L'Moor website for more information.

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