November 16, 2010

urban decay + 905 = love

Feast your eyes my beauty babes of the 905 area! Although this may not be news to some, I was super stoked to discover a Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutique in my area that carried URBAN DECAY. Amazing! Unfortunately for my wallet, I can now justify buying more UD goodies now that I "save" money on gas driving that little bit further to Sephora. See how I can make myself beauty guilt-free?!

For those wondering where this fabulous (and magical - in my opinion) location is, I will tell you. This particular SDM is at Garden and Rossland in Whitby. It's a very nice store and the staff is amazing. Very friendly and as you can see from the pics I took, quite accommodating and helpful to beauty bloggers armed with an iPhone camera. *chuckles*

The major question that was on my mind (and I'm sure in all of yours) is whether or not this SDM carried the coveted Naked Palette. Yes they do. Are there any in stock
? Unfortunately, but not surprising, no. You can, as I did, put your name on a list to get your hands on one when they restock.

Another cool thing is that this location is hosting a big beauty event called 'Bright Lights, Big City'. This is happening Wednesday November 24th from 1pm until 9pm. You can reserve appointments to get beautified by some pretty impressive artists coming in from Dior, Smashbox and Clarins. The star of the event will be the attendance of Urban Decay's beauty expert and international makeup artist, Eric Jimenez. Appointments for him and the other artists are limited so I suggest going to the SDM to book a spot or call (905) 430-6967 x42.

I hope this discovery has been helpful for those who didn't know we could get Urban Decay in the Durham Region. As for the peeps who had already discovered this lone UD-carrying SDM, perhaps you might be glad to have heard of the amazing event happening there. In any case, please let me know if you find other SDM locations that carry this brand so we can spread the word.

Happy Shopping!


Cosmetics Aficionado said...

OMG I am dying!!! I have nothing like this near me. I would go nuts lol!

Nepenthe said...

OMG OMG OMG.. this is awesome. Must find more locations..!

What great photos too, wow. :D

Shaylee Anne said...

What!! I didn't know there was ANY Shoppers that carried Urban Decay! I must investigate this further, thank you for the heads up! :)