November 4, 2010

skin: more than meets the eye

I'm sure all of you are aware that I am a working makeup artist, but did you know that I am also a licenced esthetician?

Granted, I may not perform facials, pedicures or massages anymore but skin care is definitely an important element in doing a great job as a makeup artist. I stress a good skin care regimen to all of my clients. Surprisingly enough, I still get a lot of people in my chair who reply to my universal question of "What are you currently using on your skin?" with a shameful answer of "Soap and water." In this day and age, that answer will not suffice.

I am 31 years old. I am no example of perfection. I have a drink now and then, don't get enough rest, sometimes forget to wash my face before bed, and shamefully have a cigarette or two...or three. I tell you this because DESPITE all of that icky stuff I do, for my age, my skin looks great in comparison to some other people my age (and even YOUNGER).

The reason for this is: A - I stay out of the sun. B - Good genes. C. Proper skin care.

The key point in my rant today is skin care, kids. More specifically, eye care. I have been diligent with a solid skin care routine since my late teens, and started using an eye cream at twenty. I know that may have seemed premature to use an eye product at that age, but boy am I glad I did. Remember, it is the thinnest skin on our entire body and unfortunately the FIRST place that starts to show signs of aging (a.k.a. wrinkles).

My opinion is to at least start using an eye cream by the age of 25. This way you beat wrinkles to the punch; perhaps avoid their arrival for a few extra years. Now to all my twenty-something gals out there, this doesn't mean you steal your mother's beloved eye cream for yourself....or even vica versa. Different age groups have different needs. The younger you are, the lighter-weight product you'll need. As you get older though, you'll require something more rich and nourishing as the skin gets drier and less elastic.

Here are some of my suggestions:

For the twenty-something crowd

The Socializer by Elizabeth Grant
Dual pen style packaging: For the day, Bright Lights uses mica, a mineral light diffuser that instantly brightens. Late Nights blends peptides and Ulva Lactuta to repair, awaken, de-puff and rejuvenate.

For our 30-somethings

Hydra C Eye Contour Gel Cream by Marcelle
Makes all signs of fatigue vanish thanks to this gel-cream enriched with cucumber, caffiene and plant extracts to improve blood flow and reduce puffiness and dark circles.

For our late 20's/early 30's
Revital Eyes by Cures By Avance
Designed for the first signs of aging, fine lines and puffiness. Instantaneously replenishes lost moisture, fine lines begin to diminish and the upper and lower lids are protected.

For our 30's/40's

3-in-1 Eye Complex by Eva Garden
A complete eye contour treatment that combines 3 actions in 1 -anti-dark circles, wrinkle minimizer and anti-puffiness.

For our fabulous forties
Evening Primrose Eye Cream by Korres
This instantly reduces the appearance of fine lines and dark circles. It's formula diffuses light with a brightening, concealer-like effect.

40's - 50's - 60's and beyond
Green Science Firming Eye Cream by AVEDA
This rich product saturates and nourishes a more mature eye with the help of of argan oil and peptides, visibly lifting and toning the delicate area.

There you have it. And as for the rest of the face and what to use...that, my friends, will have to be another rant/post altogether.

To be continued....

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Shaylee Anne said...

You do have flawless skin! I would have never guessed you were in your thirties! I'm in my early twenties and stress a good skin care routine to all of my friends and family, especially sunscreen! I can only hope my skin looks half as good as yours when I hit thirty! :)