July 14, 2010

pretty in pink

My lovely colleague Jen was the willing participant in allowing one of our stylists play with Davines Finest Pigments hair colour. This 98% natural colour glaze is perfect for touching up lackluster colour all over during a touch up or if you want to experiment with a different look without the commitment. The colour lasts about 10-15 shampoos and will completely come out so all you blonds don't have to worry about ruining your golden tresses. Davines Finest pigments will also add a gorgeous shine to the hair and leaves it nourished and healthy.

Below you will see Jen's transformation from a platinum blond to a fun shade of pink.

Jen before

Mark E. applies the Finest Pigments.

Letting the colour do its magic.

...and voila!

Jen is so happy and pretty in pink!


Laura Beth said...

Looks better pink :)


kali said...

Wow! She looks great! =) Does this work on darker hair too?

whiplashes said...

Kali- think of it as a glaze. You wouldn't get the vibrancy on dark hair. It would make your, say, dark brown hair have more pink or red undertones. The Finest Pigments come in natural shades too and even a clear to just give the hair a shine.

Beauty's Bad Habit said...

Gosh, it suits her so much better pink! Lovely :)

Rebecca said...

Jen is seriously the cutest thing ever! If I weren't married...and hetero, I'd be all over that! lol