April 10, 2010

REVIEW - beautyADDICTS Double Deception Dual Pan Concealer

I am always looking for a great concealer. I've tried countless over my many years of wearing makeup. As my needs change over time, very few stand out as a "holy grail" product, and now I can add this one to that very short list.

There are many points of difference with this concealer that caught my attention. The first one (and a really cool one) is the fact that it's a dual pan format. The right side is a creamy emollient under eye formula and the left is a hydrating semi-matte face formula.

The second is the ingredients. The face formula contains Dermaxyl, a scientific ingredient, that stimulates collagen production and visibly 'plumps' the skin. Green tea and other antioxidants infuse the under eye formula to soothe and smooth tired eyes.

Last but not least, I love how that the face formula can also double as a full coverage foundation as well as spot coverage. Truly a versatile product to say the least.

Amazing textures. Fantastic coverage. I love this concealer.

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Eden Bue said...

Beauty addicts seems like such a great brand, wish you could get it in the UK easily! I really like the look of this, seems nice and multi-tasky