March 4, 2010

REVIEW - Annabelle Mineral Powder Foundation

Hey darlings!

I am stoked to do a review on Annabelle's Mineral Powder Foundation today. I received a bunch of goodies from Annabelle/Marcelle Cosmetics a few weeks ago and over the next little bit (as I test them out), I'm going to be sharing my experiences with the various products.

I know that I come off as a MACaholic based on my 'face of the day' looks but I am very open to using and working with lots of different brands. Here is my blurb about what I thought of this foundation.

Normally, I don't tend to reach for a powder foundation for the day to day because I find that it doesn't give me the finish and coverage that I personally like. Using this (and a concealer) alone - sans liquid *gasp* - was a real challenge but I did it and to my surprise found it quite good. The coverage was a light to medium one which is what I like and it felt like absolutely nothing (in a good way) on the skin. To compare it to other popular and recognizable brands, I would say Bare Minerals and MAC Mineralize Loose Foundation comes to mind. Another plus is that it retails for around $15 CDN which is awesome for a gal on a budget.

I will admit, I did go back to my liquid foundation/tinted moisturizer (can't help it), but now I use this powder foundation as an alternate setting powder to my MAC Mineralize SkinFinish Nautral.

To conclude this little review, I would definitely give this mineral powder foundation by Annabelle a try. I was quite impressed with the quality of the product and how healthy my skin looked wearing it. I've clearly proven that it's a versatile makeup that can be used alone or over a liquid foundation.

For more info on this or other Annabelle products, visit their site here and stay tuned for my future reviews on some of their other products.


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