November 22, 2009

Naked Cosmetics - Shock Effect Collection Part 1

I have just returned from the IMATS Toronto after a fun filled day browsing, mingling and most importantly BUYING lots of makeup and tools. One of the booths that really left an impression on me was the Naked Cosmetics booth. They have an unbelievable range of pure pigment that is made up of 100% oxidized mica which makes the colour payoff very rich and true. The products do not contain any talc, oils, waxes or other fillers which really goes to show that these colours are as pure as you can get.

The items that I ended up going home with was the Shock Effect colour collection which I happened to get the very last one at the trade show. (What a score!) This collection is a very vibrant and intense one which definitely is right up my alley. I have taken pictures of each of the individual shades for you to take a closer look at.

The first three above are as follows and part two of this post will feature the last three:

  • SE-01- Bright sunshine yellow
  • SE-02-Lime juice green
  • SE-03-Bright green with a touch of teal
Before we get onto part two of this post, I wanted to also share that I purchased the Naked Cosmetics Eye Primer while at the trade show. I was curious to play around with this after seeing the demo from one of the artists at the booth. Not only does this prime the lid before applying the loose pigments, but it creates a matte finish which is a nice option to have. It also makes the mica pigments waterproof. Amazing!!!! I would love to experiment and see if the matte effect works with other brands of pigment. That, my friends, would be a whole other post on a whole other day.

And now part two.....

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