July 19, 2009

Benefit Erase Paste

Dark circles. Ugh. This is something I have struggled with for years. Because of this little infliction, I have always considered concealer an important staple. I would probably forgo mascara over this. Shocking, isn't it?! Over my makeup wearing years, I have used, loved, broke up with and disliked many a different products. This a story of one product that is a new love of mine. Benefit's Erase Paste.

I stumbled across this little miracle in a jar at Sephora one lazy afternoon. I was in the market for a concealer and had planned on going to MAC to replenish my Studio Finish Concealer (another amazing product). What caught my eye was the claim of brightening as well as camouflaging. It was two steps in one. Up until then, I would usually layer a small amount of Smashbox Photo Op Undereye Brightener underneath my concealer. During my hectic work week, any opportunity to omit a step in the morning is a definite plus. I walked out of Sephora with the Erase Paste in tow.

What can I say - I have been very impressed with this concealer. It's claim has been proven true after using it for about two-three weeks now. I love it's creamy consistency against the delicate eye area and immediately after applying it, you notice that you look more awake (thank you brightening). The coverage is lovely. It's not cakey and it blends like a dream when applied with the warmth of a fingertip. It does have a pink undertone, so to those out there with more yellow in their skin, it might not be the concealer of choice for you. To avoid creasing, I cocktail it with a light dusting of MAC Blot Powder. Bravo, Erase Paste!

This comes in three different shades and retails for $26US.

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Whit said...

i really need to get this now lol! great review :)