May 6, 2009

REVIEW - BeneFit's F.Y...eye! Eyeshadow Primer

All I can say is WOW!
I don't know what I would do without this little bottle in my kit.
I was previously using UDPP (Urban Decay Primer Potion) which is a great product as well, except for the fact you can't use all the product in the tube. Seeing as I didn't want to waste my money, I was at SDM and saw this primer. I'm for giving new products a whirl....

So now I say WOW!

So some of you might be asking - 'What the heck does an eyeshadow primer do?'. 

A primer , if applied before eyeshadow will allow for a long lasting wear without creasing or smudging. I also find that if you are using cheaper eyeshadow, it will allow the colour payoff to be more brilliant. 

I believe the price of this runs about $25 CDN, but that is about the same as UDPP and you can get every last little bit of product out of this. You can purchase this at any Sephora or Shoppers Drug Mart. F.Y...eye! goes on a very natural shade. If you have super dark lids, you might want to apply something like Benefit Lemon Aid first to correct the colour. Let the F.Y...eye! set for about half a minute - and don't apply too much. It's not neccessary and it's a complete waste of product. I swear it feels like I have nothing on my lids, so for those chicas that hate that heavy feeling, you won't get that whatsoever. After that, feel free to proceed with your eyeshadow application. My eye makeup doesn't budge all day when I wear this. Even my sister is hooked on the stuff.


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Ruthlessrocks said...

Rawr-I KNEW I should have got this! I too use UDPP and it's nice but like you said hard to use up all the product. I tested this out at Shoppers Drug Mart (some carry Benefit, Smashbox etc out where I live) and it seemed very velvety. What's the staying power on oily skin like?