March 27, 2009

Zoya Color Lock System

Tired of your polish lasting a day before it chips, peels, or bubbles?

Zoya's toluene, formaldehyde, DBP, camphor free formula is the only choice for your professional nail lacquer. The once 4-step system has been expanded to offer you more options, with two new products.

Here is how the system works.

Step 1. Zoya Remove + : A brilliant three-in-one remover, nail cleaner and nail prep. 

Step 2. Anchor: This will keep your polish on. A special TBP polymer basecoat creates a bond between the polish and your  nail to prevent chipping and peeling.

Step 3. Your favourite Zoya polish. Remember, two coats is neccessary to get the brilliance of your colour choice.

Step 4. Armor: This is a UV blocking top coat that keeps polish glossy, flexible and prevents horrible yellowing.

Step 5. Hurry Up: These speed dry drops are amazing for preventing bubbling, enhancing colour vibrancy, drying your polish quickly, and still finding the time to nourish your cuticles.

Here are the two new additions:

The first, 'Get Even', a ridge filling base coat. This allows for the nail to achieve a smoother surface before applying one of the hundreds of Zoya nail lacquers. You can use this instead of 'Anchor' depending on your nail care needs.

The second, 'Renew', a polish rejuvenator. Before this, you were unable to thin out thick Zoya polish. This is specially designed to work with the unique chemical free formula so you get a longer life out of your favourite colour.

Using this system properly will allow you to get 7-10 days wear out of your polish. Much better than 1-2, in my opinion.

I use this system professionally at my place of work, and it is by far the most superior nail lacquer system I have experienced.


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