March 25, 2009

BeneFit Bad Gal mascara review

Good evening to you all.

Was at Shoppers Drug Mart yesterday and picked up some BeneFit Bad Gal mascara to try out. The brush reminded me a lot of the DiorShow wand (a mascara I ADORE) so with a slightly more economical price tag ($25 CDN), I decided to give it a shot. LOVE! I love this mascara! Luscious, delicious, uberlashes...

If you are looking for a new mascara, girls....this is the one to try.


Lana said...

If the Bad Gal mascara is $25 then how much is the DiorShow wand???? Ugh!!!

Patty said...

DiorShow mascara is $35 approx. I guess it's not THAT much of a price difference, but if I like the way it makes my lashes look....I'm alright with saving $10.

Another one that blogger pixiwoo said was good is Rimmel Sexy Curves. That is definitely at an even more economical price point than Benefit AND Dior.

Blackwidow said...

I would never pay that much for a mascara, and besides, the best that I have tried, and keep going back to is L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara at a whopping $8.99. Great product.

ps I have tried expensive mascaras and in my opinion, none have been better than the Voluminous.